Search Engine Optimisation

Cloud Web Designs knows and understand the importance of getting visitors to your web site. While Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the best way to go about bringing new visitors, the key factor is to consider the quality of the visitors your site generates.

Small businesses are often confused by SEO, the team at Cloud know that you need understand firsthand about SEO practices and working, and while all traffic is beneficial our main aim is to attract qualified traffic to your site.

Firstly, is it important to understand what SEO is all about.  Largely it is the practice of improving each of your website’s pages to make them easier for search engine algorithms to read and index. Your web pages are ranked according to their relevance to your keywords in the search term used, this is determined by criteria such as the use of keywords in the page’s content, as well as the number of links that each page attracts, the search engines use this as a measure of its popularity.  In order to have your site ranking well on results pages when people search for your services, you need to ensure that all of your sites pages are fully optimised for search.

Cloud Web Design understands that the main thing is to attract quality traffic to your site.  The first step is finding out what terms and key words customers they would use to discover you and we establish the teams and key words by working with you, understanding your business and what it delivers.   Once we know which keywords to target we construct SEO techniques in your copywriting.

Cloud Web Designs specialise in writing professional web copy with key words and meta tags, thus allowing the search engine algorithms to locate them.  The key is not to embed the terms in a obvious manner.    The copy should read fluently and be of benefit or interest to the visitor. Apart from using key words in your website’s written copy, there are a number of techniques which can be applied to help improve optimisation.  For example, Cloud Web Designs will link your site with social networking sites, forum posts and blog comments, you will be listed in all the directories and Google Maps thus giving your site more power.

During the production of your site Cloud in consultation with our client we will ensure that your key words appear in:

  • The body of your page, ie. the written text
  • Preferably the domain name of your website but if not, the name of your html files
  • The title of your page
  • Image alt attributes
  • Link title attributes
  • Link text, this is the text that gets underlined for your link
  • Link page names, eg. keywords.html
  • Meta tags, especially meta description and meta keywords
  • Comments
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